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In this gallery there are aquariums produced only by “Synergy Ltd”:

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250 liters freshwater aquarium, herbal

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750 liters volume freshwater aquarium, decorated in pseudo marine style, with natural coral, populated by cichlids fish family from the Lake of Malawi

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Freshwater aquarium of 1100 liters volume, herbal

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Marine Aquarium, of 450 liters volume. Coral reef

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Freshwater Aquarium, of 1800 liters volume, designed in pseudo marine style, with natural corals, inhabited by cichlids fish family from the Lake of Malawi

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1300 liters volume Marine aquarium. Coral reef

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Freshwater aquarium "in transmission", of 2000 l volume, with individual decorative ceramic composition, artificial plants, made in pseudo marine style, inhabited by cichlids of the Lake of Malawi

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800 liters volume freshwater aquarium of complex geometric form, hexagon, with individual ceramic decoration scene, inhabited by characins fish family

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