Commercial aquariums

The company «Synergy LTD» offers industrial aquariums of its own making.

Industrial aquariums are used in the sales areas of ​​supermarkets, fish stores and are designed for the sale of live fish, as well as in restaurants, where fresh fish is served. Industrial aquariums are used in more severe operating conditions. The fish-holding density in them is much higher than in decorative aquariums. Therefore, they require a more effective cleaning system, thermoregulation, oxygen saturation, and the structural strength of these aquariums is not the last in their characteristics. Using advanced technology, the company «Synergy LTD» offers the industrial aquariums which shall fully satisfy any customer.

Currently, the industrial aquariums designed by «Synergy LTD», are successfully operated in the  chain of restaurants “Kozyrna Karta”: the restaurant «Ciro's Pomidoro», the restaurant “Chumatskiy Shlyah” and others.

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Industrial Aquariums


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