Aquarium (Kiev). Price

Aquarium (Kiev). Price


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Did you ever have the questions

How to care for the aquarium and fish?
How much is the service, why it is necessary, who should do it?
How to estimate the aquarium quality?
What materials is it made from?
How harmless and practical are they?
How can you order it?
What guarantees does it have and so on?

By purchasing an aquarium without knowing the answers to these questions you can only face further difficulties.

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Phone No. of our office
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+38 (094) 823-06-87
+38 (094) 823-06-86

Types of aquariums

custom-built aquariums

custom-built aquariums

ready aquariums Juwel

ready aquariums Juwel

commercial aquariums

commercial aquariums

Our advantages

Own production
We design and build large aquariums
We manufacture acrylic glass aquariums
We have the basis for aquarium fish breeding
Experience more than 10 years!

Custom-built aquariums

To order the aquarium you only need to fill in the form!

We will prepare a preliminary calculation of the cost and time of your order. If you have not decided which characteristics of the aquarium you need, do not worry, our consultants will help you with the choice when they meet you. At your request, we can provide a 3D model that will help to fit the product harmoniously into the interior.

Order form for manufacturing an Aquarium unit
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On the basis of this form, we will give you a commercial offer for manufacturing of an aquarium unit.


Any original interior requires non-trivial and unusual solutions. Quite a lot of people in Ukraine today add an exotic touch to the interior design of their living space with a large and beautiful aquarium. But the standard rectangular glass tanks for fish may not always mix well with the other elements of a room interior, so the service of manufacturing custom aquariums becomes more and more popular today.

Custom manufacturing of aquariums significantly widens the client’s choices when selecting the most appropriate model of the aquarium that can seamlessly fit in the interior of a particular room.  Custom manufacturing of aquariums is a great opportunity to get a beautiful aquarium of any size and shape.

Custom manufacturing of aquariums is performed by the company «SYNERGY ltd». For custom manufacturing of aquariums our professionals use the highest quality consumables and components.

Immediately before making an aquarium our designers create a 3D-model of the future product that allows to evaluate its appearance and make some adjustments before the start of the manufacturing process.  

The price for custom-built aquariums manufactured by «SYNERGY ltd» is quite affordable. Due to the optimal combination of impeccable quality of aquariums produced by us and affordable prices, many people decide to order the manufacture of an aquarium in our company.

Inexpensive custom manufacturing of aquariums by «SYNERGY ltd».


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