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Aquarium design or aqua design is perhaps the most important element in the creation of your fantastic and mysterious underwater world. Aqua design includes the art design of aquariums and their object environment. This is because the primary attention is always focused on composition, harmony of the room interior and the aquarium, decorations, plants and fish. At this stage a "picture" forms looking at which is a great pleasure. It is obvious that the effect of a solid wood stand with engaged pillars, the extraclear glass, the expensive finishing material of an aquarium unit - all this can be marred with careless work done in haste or the work done by a person who is not a qualified expert in the design of aquariums.

Aquarium design includes:

  • External design - allows harmonious fitting of the aquarium into the room interior, taking into account the structural features of the building.
  • Internal design  is the design of the object environment of the aquarium. Aquarium decorations can significantly adorn the aquarium, but the main component of interior design is a flourishing biosystem in conditions of biodesign.

An aquarium is a unique object with which you can not only distinctly decorate your interior and emphasize your status, but also to improve the knowledge of your child in biology, botany, geography, and even to draw his or her attention away from the computer. American psychologists successfully use aquarium for a kind of animal-assisted therapy in the treatment of childhood computer addiction.

How beautiful and entertaining is to have in your own home a small part of the Amazon River with the plants that are found only there and nowhere else in the world, to place among them the amazing endemic discus fish, amazingly cosmic freshwater skates, arowanas or perhaps after a working day to plunge to the bottom of the Great African Lakes Malawi, Tanganyika, Victoria. How much do we know about these ancient places? Having got the species of the fish fauna of these water bodies, you will not only possess surprisingly bright fishes that are rightly called "the kings of colour", but also observe many interesting phenomena that are hidden from us in a distant and mysterious underwater world.

Aquarium design is the task of both the designer-decorator and the aquatic biologist who has special knowledge in ichthyology, hydrobiology, technical equipment of aquariums. To avoid trouble and not to place in an aquarium with collector plants the herbivorous fishes or not to place predators with peaceful schooling fish, please contact our experts who shall do everything to ensure that the aquarium and its inhabitants not only look perfectly, but coexist peacefully.

There is no uniform classification for aquarium design but there are particular directions in the design of aquariums.

Classification of aquariums by purpose:

  • Decorative aquarium

It is the most common direction. In this direction, there is no clear aim of the selection of plants and animals of the aquarium. The only condition is the roughly similar keeping conditions and comparable sizes of inhabitants.

  • Biotope aquarium

This is an aquarium, whose inhabitants are the same as inhabitants of some natural habitat: for example, a stagnant pond, a swamp, a lazy river, a lake, and so on. The species of plants and fish selected for the aquarium are the ones which naturally also live together, while other environmental parameters are also reconstructed to the maximum extent: parameters of water pH, dH (hardness), soil composition, lighting, temperature.

Classification of aquariums by water composition

  • Freshwater aquariums:
    • Dutch

An aquarium of this direction is an underwater garden. Major inhabitants of a Dutch aquarium are plants. Typically, in a Dutch aquarium there is no or very little fish. Plants are planted so tightly that when viewed from above only their tops are visible, the soil should not be visible. For lighting the lamps with a specially selected phosphor are used having special spectral characteristics and increased light efficiency. Having the planting density typical for this type of aquarium you can not avoid the use of complex fertilizers and systems for enrichment of water with carbon dioxide. The main criteria for the selection of fish in this aquarium is not to ruin the view and not to harm plants.

    • Sea imitation

A freshwater aquarium simulating the sea bottom. In the design of the aquarium coral chips, artificial corals and sea shells are used. The aquarium is filed with colorful fish. The illumination is blue to imitate the underwater sea landscape.

    • Aquarium avant-garde

An unusual illumination, colourful soil, fancy modern accessories, all the things that never exist in nature. The owners should bear in mind that all the innovations should not create inconvenience for the aquarium dwellers.

    • Storyline aquarium

In aquariums in this direction the decorations imitating a certain storyline are important: sunken treasures, ships, an underwater cave, pirate treasures, castles and pagodas.

    • Aquarium with large fish

Large fish requires a large volume of water, a minimum of decorations and plants.

    • Aquarium - exclusive

These aquariums are designed individually, without copies, depending on the customer's ideas and the ideas of aquarium designers.

    • African aquarium

African type of aquarium is most dynamic. The arches, passages, caves of flat dark gray stone, the white or sandy soil form a perfect "home" for bright cichlids from the Great African Lakes Tanganyika and Nyasa.

  • Marine aquariums:

Many people are looking forward to their vacation to go to the sea. There are coral reefs, live corals, anemones, shrimp, amazingly beautiful reef fish. Our company offers you to design an aquarium in the "Reef" style and it will delight you every day.

Reef Aquarium is a vacation that is always with you!))

In this type of aqua design it is possible to make an aquarium in the style "Reef" and "Aquarium with sea fish". The difference between them is the selection of fish and other aquatic organisms. In reef aquariums more complex equipment and powerful illumination with the colour temperature of 10000K (in particular metal halogen lamps) is installed to provide the necessary conditions for keeping marine invertebrates. It is desirable to have in such aquariums the so-called "living stones" that act as a biological filter due to bacteria and other organisms living on them. The fish marine aquariums are considerably more similar to their freshwater counterparts.

A marine aquarium is much more difficult to maintain and is significantly different from freshwater ones. While from a freshwater aquarium a third part of the water can be safely drained and replaced with clean fresh water, the replacement of water in saltwater aquariums is difficult because of the large consumption of sea salt. Therefore, in saltwater aquariums the water quality problem is not solved by the replacement, but by the use of quite sophisticated equipment for natural regeneration and the clarifiers - foam-separating columns (flotators, skimmers). The second difference from a freshwater aquarium is the presence of water flow. Sea currents are strong enough, so the aquariums with coral reefs are equipped with powerful pumps that create the simulation of sea currents.

The service of our company "Aquarium design" includes the following works:

  • artistic placement of decorative elements (preparation of the composition);
  • creation of biological environment in the aquarium suitable for life of plants and animals;
  • individual selection of the dwellers of the aquarium by their compatibility;
  • shipping and acclimatization of living inhabitants - fish, plants and invertebrates;
  • planting of aquarium plants;
  • providing with consumables (chemicals, decorations).

Design and decoration of aquariums Kiev

An aquarium not only gives you the opportunity to "communicate" with the wild world, and to keep a piece of the sea in the city. Today, design and decoration of aquariums Kiev has become a means for the interior design. This applies not only to living areas but also to office premises. The internal design of the aquarium is also very important for a comfortable life of your aquatic pets. After all, for them the aquarium should imitate their natural environment, or the fish will die. For example, it is not recommended to place a lot of figures, passages, plants and so on in an aquarium with big fish. Big fish needs space and a possibility to move comfortably.

Accordingly, the size of the aquarium should also be suitable. Design and decoration of aquariums Kiev where the small fishes from small rivers should live will be radically different from those described above. In this case, a variety of stone passages, small underwater caves and plants is needed, as the fishes are accustomed to such habitat.

But in any case, there is room for the imagination of the customer and the designer. At the bottom of your aquarium, you can create a detailed underwater country with castles and towers. If you want some adventure we offer you a storyline bottom design with sunken ships and treasures. Design and decoration of aquariums Kiev also concerns the look of your underwater world. An individual approach of the designer will help to "fit" even a large aquarium in any interior.

Design and decoration of aquariums Kiev will make life brighter!


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