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aquarium manufactureSYNERGY ltd provides a full range of services on production of marine and freshwater aquarium systems, aquaterrariums, ponds and waterfalls.

With the new technologies and advanced materials, we make our products based on the most bold and challenging designs, which makes an aquarium the most elegant element of interior. The underwater world is an exceptional source of natural beauty and relaxation, which has been appreciated and widely used by designers and architects worldwide. Beautiful and unique aquariums are not only a decoration, but also a new source of relaxation and an opportunity to feel quiet wisdom and harmony of nature.

Our expert personnel provide the full range of services concerning the development of design projects and making 3D models, which helps to fit the planned object harmoniously into the interior and significantly increases the realism of its visualization at the planning stage.

An aquarium with living inhabitants is a complex biological, artificially created system the life support of which requires certain knowledge and practical experience.

aquarium decorationLet us take care of your aqua system. Our employee will visit you on a weekly basis at a time convenient for you so that you don’t need to worry about the care of your aquarium.

Due to our individual approach, every project of our company is exclusive and brings to the interior of premises of our clients harmony, elegance and the atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

An important role in this is played by the interior design of our products.

Everything from a sunken fantasy city to the underwater coral kingdom is accomplishable. A suitable internal design of the aquarium combined with the diversity of its inhabitants will be the source of pride for its owner.

Making the product “on turnkey basis” will allow you to fully concentrate on the end result and leave all the care of the project implementation to our specialists. If necessary, we can visit your site to provide expert evaluation or advice.

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